Gadget is hurting for upgrades

Gadget is the rdtv studio vehicle. I am currently stranded for two days in Dodgeville WI at the studio. Last week it didn’t start for three days.

I have talked to the parts store guy, and a former mechanic of mine. Both have said that they are confident that my issue is arcing. The gasket for the valve cover is not sealed tight and it leaks oil down into the spark plug reservoir. I noticed this last fall when I replaced the spark plugs. At the time the plugs were fairly chewed up. The vehicle doesn’t start on wet days. I live in wisconsin. Most days are wet days. This is not a good thing.

I am needing to do this maintenance on my own. Because I can’t afford to hire a garage to do the work. I estimate a gasket, sealant, plug wires, plugs, and air filter to amount to around Ninety Dollars.

If you can help get us to where we need to go. Your donations would help a lot. Red Dragon TV’s Mailbox is in madison, the studio is in Dodgeville. A forty-five mile journey. We can accept a Credit Card Donation via our Square account.

Thank you, the link is below.